Why choose us?

 Our products are collected fresh and just prior to shipment from our own deer herd. None of our scents are carried over from the previous year. Our scents are collected from early fall and through the rut not in the spring and summer months and shipped directly to our customers. Our scent is 100% pure, fresh whitetail deer scent, no water and no preservatives added. All hand bottled and tested (organoleptic) for freshness by our quality assurance staff. Our scent is bottled using pharmaceutical grade bottles that are amber in color to keep out light and have sealed caps to prevent spillage. No sitting on store shelves for months prior to use. You'll see the results!

About Me

I grew up on a family farm with a passion for hunting whitetail deer. As the years went on I knew I could provide a top notch quality scent product that would really aid fellow hunters. So I started producing 100% pure, fresh, preservative free whitetail deer scent collected from my own deer. Hand bottled and shipped directly to my customers. The results have been phenomenal.